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2/26/10 / Dongle

The love of animals They say humans need love; that if there’s anything man needs besides air, water, and bread it’s love and the companionship of others. So I wonder how loving an animal is different from loving another human. Is it really a different love in quality? Aside from the obvious sexual component, what [...]

Doggie and me

I protect, even revere, my books. After reading one I sometimes leave it by the bedside. Lila, being who she is, grabs it up without haste and cheerfully starts tearing off the cover and chewing away pages and binding. (Most recently, she’s managed to chew off the cover and liner pages of The Deptford Trilogy, [...]

The greatest places on earth

  Madagascar Madagascar has the greatest variety of fauna of any island The chameleon’s tongue is as long as its body There are cactii that grow as tall as trees Tibet The plateau of Tibet is higher in elevation than the tallest peaks of the Rockies In Tibet temperatures can drop 80 degrees Fahrenheit in [...]

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