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6/18/11 / Post

On celebrity I admire all celebrities, even the bad ones, for having thick skin. From Anthony Wiener to Lindsay Lohan to the Kardashians, it takes incredible…something*, to live down everything that’s said about you, and with Twitter and Facebook it’s even more pervasive and in-your-face. I’ll admit that I can probably dish it out a [...]


1:15 PM From India reports sharp decline in wild tigers: India’s wild tiger population has dropped from nearly 3,600 five years ago to an estimated 1,411, the Indian government announced this week, along with a plan to create eight new tiger reserves. Belinda Wright, director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, said the government [...]

On art

Robert Redford recently noted in an interview for his upcoming movie that after All the President’s Men he thought there would be no more [to paraphrase] crookedness in politics, but now he sees that didn’t happen, and he’s no longer trying to change people’s minds. Art does not change politics – not movies, not music, [...]


9:07 AM It’s a transparent thread between art and nonsense. 10:22 AM Life’s getting done. On the BlackBerry, working weekends and nights. Projects, deadlines, promotion, bankroll. Setting aside time for that all-important home unit, the family. Office paper, disposable cups plates knives forks, living to excess, eating to excess. Spending on entertainment, saving for education. [...]


10:40 AM Words don’t seem instrinsic to man. I mean, when we’re born we have our five senses. In terms of art I would say we’re innately predisposed to appreciating and creating pictures (sight), music (sound), and the fragrant and the culinary (smell and taste). Language develops later on – which isn’t to say it’s [...]

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