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1:15 PM From India reports sharp decline in wild tigers: India’s wild tiger population has dropped from nearly 3,600 five years ago to an estimated 1,411, the Indian government announced this week, along with a plan to create eight new tiger reserves. Belinda Wright, director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, said the government [...]


9:18 PM If the everyman carries the world, and the artist supports the everyman, who supports the artist? 9:20 AM rooh ko tu hava bas tu hi aab hai 11:05 AM From news article on how much data we create and store: Add it all up and IDC determined that the world generated 161 billion [...]

1/17/07 / Lightbulbs

2:55 PM Just discovered that someone I wrote an e-mail to months ago did read it, but didn’t respond. I wonder why. It’s a rhetorical question, really, but a genuine one still. 8:22 PM Light bulbs. Who makes them and where do they come from? I know this much: If everyone asked as many questions [...]

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