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3/13/13 / Long sleep

Useless I have just decided that every universally applicable axiom of life[5] is utterly devoid of any value toward guiding you how to act in your day-to-day life, toward abiding to said axiom. “Universal truths” like the following come to mind: Life is all about balance[6] Practice discipline For advice you can actually implement, it’s [...]

Google Maps’ “street view” is personally useful

There has been some controversy lately about the “street view” feature of Google Maps, and privacy issues related to it. But from a personal point of view, I find the feature quite useful. I’m a very visual person, especially when it comes to geography. I’ve had the term physicality in my personal lexicon for several [...]

2/26/10 / Dongle

The love of animals They say humans need love; that if there’s anything man needs besides air, water, and bread it’s love and the companionship of others. So I wonder how loving an animal is different from loving another human. Is it really a different love in quality? Aside from the obvious sexual component, what [...]

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