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Doggie and me

I protect, even revere, my books. After reading one I sometimes leave it by the bedside. Lila, being who she is, grabs it up without haste and cheerfully starts tearing off the cover and chewing away pages and binding. (Most recently, she’s managed to chew off the cover and liner pages of The Deptford Trilogy, [...]

12/15/08 / Found

9:42 PM Finished Take Back Your Life! Overall I found it to be very good – among the better time-management books I’ve read, and I think I know why. This book brings to life the principles it teaches by incorporating them into Outlook 2007, so that instead of leaving you to adapt the methodology to [...]

12/13/08 / Hadir

3:44 PM Some small but interesting tidbits I learned about HDR photography through an article in Digital PhotoPro magazine: A typical camera captures about 8 EV of dynamic range; the human eye captures 14 EV Images in print capture about 6 EV Definiton of EV 0: 1-sec exposure at f/1 3:24 PM The Boulder Public [...]

12/09/08 / B&W

10:31 PM Watched one of my favorite movies of all time, The Insider. I love the library.  Earlier today I went to get a DVD (where I got the movie referenced above), and on their "sale" shelf I saw two great books:   Both are in new condition, the first hardback and the other paperback.  [...]

11/11/08 / Lucky Brand

3:06 PM I had never heard of Heinrich von Kleist before, and then I found this book at a garage sale.  Right now I’m reading the title story. Kleist had an "unstable and almost schizophrenic personality and his works relect his passionately uncompromising nature and his periodic fits of wild enthusiasm and morose melancholia. He [...]

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