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3/06/08 / Moscow

4:09 PM It almost looks like a toy but my God would this thing be fun to drive! 1.8L supercharged Toyota 2ZZ engine (built by Yamaha) gives 0-60 time of 4 seconds. Price? Just under $70k. 11:20 AM On billionaires (from CNBC, who, in turn, were quoting Forbes Magazine): Countries with the most (in order): [...]


9:49 AM Taken in Nako in India, near the China border.


1:15 PM From India reports sharp decline in wild tigers: India’s wild tiger population has dropped from nearly 3,600 five years ago to an estimated 1,411, the Indian government announced this week, along with a plan to create eight new tiger reserves. Belinda Wright, director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, said the government [...]

Africa’s inferno (Darfur)

From article: How can the “international community” respond to crimes against humanity that are products of post-colonial politics and ideologies but also rooted in imperial legacies? First, we should admit that we are not an international community but a set of competing interest groups. In a unipolar world governed by the United States, it has [...]

Quantity vs. Quality

There are two approaches to life: the quantity approach and the quality approach. As a whole American society seems more focused on the quantity approach, prime examples of that being the auto industry, fast food, and outsourcing production to labor-friendly countries like China and India. The same dichotomy applies to meeting people. You can choose [...]

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