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My problem with contemporary…

…literature, I’ve today realized, is that it’s not vetted through the filter of time. There are so many contemporary books that just won’t matter 1, 5, 10, 50 years from now. When children of that generation want to read quality they’ll have a solid filtered selection of books to choose from, books that have stood [...]

On forums

Online forum are a funny thing. You go there to discuss products, places, techniques, etc. on your favorite hobbies and activities. As I’ve noted before, forums are notorious for A vs. B comparisons (be it Canon vs. Nikon, full-suspension vs. hardtail, or jQuery vs. Prototype). Generally, people are strongly opinionated about one or the other, [...]

2/16/09 / Tru

9:09 AM Thought from this morning: Choice is what gives us freedom. It defines freedom. But the flipside of that is that choice also makes room for regret – at the choices we make and have made. Were there no choice we would not be free, but nor would we have any cause for regret, [...]

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