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Commit crime => get free classes!

I heard on the radio this morning that inmates in some Colorado prisons get to take classes for free, in subjects like graphic design, and then they even get a certificate (in this case from the Pueblo Community College). My first thought was… Nice, so you commit a crime, go to jail where everything is [...]

5/13/10 / Bewl

Seen on the local Craigsy If it looks like a police state…(AZ,CO) (Boulder) ——————————————————————————– Date: 2010-05-13, 4:56AM MDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] ——————————————————————————– THE POSEUR politicians in Boulder, where every other “liberal” is a closet Republican, grabbed some more headlines for themselves with a proposed “travel ban” to ARIZONA over the [...]

1/01/10 / Decadent

Volvo cars I’d like to contemplate on another (see below) curious question at the start of a new year, something that’s been on my mind throughout the latter part of last year (mainly because I live in Boulder and see them everywhere): Why do people buy Volvo cars? What is their appeal? I can understand [...]

Day trip / macro shots

This (below) is what makes Colorado…Colorado – this and not being offered a plastic bag by default no matter how small a purchase may be at the grocery or drug store. Another shot taken while driving a dirt road. We stopped at a park and I did some shooting with the macro lens. (View here.) [...]

Eldorado Canyon State Park

They were spotted all over the park! Hooks left in the rocks by climbers; not sure if they do it on purpose or just forgot. Is that turbulence?

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