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7/01/09 / Rescue

I drove 433 miles on 10.03 gallons of gas. That’s 43.17 miles per gallon. “You’re in ruins…” If you have the stomach for it, read this description of this sick practice in Pakistan where they torture bears for entertainment. The practice is condemned by the Pakistani government, and even by Islamic law, but it still [...]

News: Web hoax led girl to kill herself

Quite a sad story about a small town, and how neighborly…stupidity and insensitivity I guess I would call it, led to a young girl’s death. Essentially, because of some people’s apparent cruelty, a depressed girl from a seemingly caring family took her life, and her parents are now separating.


3:24 PM Discovered another author I hadn’t previously heard of. A Nobel laureate no less. Elias Canetti (link to author’s Nobel webpage). I’m interested in reading his Auto-da-fe. 3:34 PM Why, the fuck, is Reuters pronounced “Roiters”? 7:04 PM The inhumanity of man. (The article is graphic.) 8:58 PM Comfortable. Like a rat in a [...]


7:43 AM The moment I awaken, the floodgate opens and yesterday’s thoughts rush in to fill today’s pond. Thoughts of you, him, her, they, it, this, that. Everyone and everything casually walks in through the door like a daily visitor. Hardly have I woken that the house is already full of visitors, demanding attention and [...]

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