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10/31/09 / Thermos

I bought myself a Thermos today. The idea is to bring coffee or tea with me to the library to do work instead of spending $2 (at least) everytime to go to a coffee shop. It was only $5! This world, I’m realizing more and more to my dismay, is built not for breadth, but [...]


3:24 PM Discovered another author I hadn’t previously heard of. A Nobel laureate no less. Elias Canetti (link to author’s Nobel webpage). I’m interested in reading his Auto-da-fe. 3:34 PM Why, the fuck, is Reuters pronounced “Roiters”? 7:04 PM The inhumanity of man. (The article is graphic.) 8:58 PM Comfortable. Like a rat in a [...]


9:30 AM I felt bad. Snow from the hood of my car (which I didn’t clean before driving) was flying off into the windshields of the cars unlucky enough to be behind me. It was kind of amusing but not really. I checked their faces as they drove by to see if they were angry. [...]

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