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First impression: Full-suspension

I’ve had a whole of two rides on: No surprise: Full-suspension riding has its advantages and disadvantages. In short, here’s what I thought while I was riding: Pros Can stay seated through small-to-medium bumps Can bomb through stuff like rocks and roots Requires less thinking (more time for daydreaming) Cons Heavier – more weight to [...]

9/09/08 / Echo

11:09 PM Biked 24 miles today, according to my cyclocomputer!  Here’s a map: Speaking of maps, how is it that Google's are so much easier to use than both Yahoo!'s and Microsoft Live's?  I tried mapping this route first with Yahoo! and then with Live, and in both the format “Broadway and Arapahoe, Boulder, CO” [...]

8/21/08 / Nashbar

4:35 PM Now that I’m in Boulder, it’s time to get my bike prepared for commuting as well as mountain biking.  I still have my old Velomax wheelset, so I thought instead of getting another cheap bike I can just put cheap tires on that wheelset and make a commuter out of my one bike [...]

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