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The work week

Day of week Thought of day Monday It’s Monday, it’ll be over soon. Tuesday It’s not Monday anymore! Wednesday Half the week will be over today! Thursday It’s Friday tomorrow! Friday It’s Friday! It’ll be Monday again soon.

12/29/11 / Ping

When does [fill in character trait, e.g., pride] stop defining who you are and instead gets in the way of becoming who you are?

Living in the city and working a corporate job

Living in the city Working in a cushy office for a big corporation Working 60 hours a week Getting drunk on weekends Going out dancing and picking up strangers Having sex with casual partners Spending Sunday with a hangover Starting another work-week Monday This is city life for many college-educated bachelors with 9-to-9 corporate jobs. [...]

On being celebrity

I admire celebrities. They have to tolerate people talking about them, behind their backs, in gossip columns and online, saying good, bad, or downright mean things. It takes a certain fortitude of spirit I think, and honestly I don’t know if I possess it. But then I think: are all celebrities really that self-aware and [...]

On taking more than we need

I hear the body pisses out whatever extra vitamins and minerals it ingests that it doesn’t need. I also read a few months ago about a study of an ape species that revealed that they only take what they need in the way of food, even if more is available to them. Why can’t we [...]

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