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Where I’ve lived

I wanted to see on a map all the places I’ve lived in so far. View Larger Map

8/27/08 / Maps

10:35 PM I have discovered Pixelpost.  It’s an open source platform specifically for photoblogs! Not bad for out of the box.  The EXIF technical data is there like I want it!  The only thing to figure out now is whether I can post both single and multiple photos in one post or not. 9:26 PM [...]

Tea estate

An incident occurred when I was touring one of Darjeeling’s famous tea estates with a friend I made in Gangtok. I’ll call him E—. He was from Italy and we toured Darjeeling together. We were walking when a loud voice from below said “Hello!” My friend stopped so I stopped. He said there were two [...]


12:53 AM My work is a work in progress. 12:59 AM A rhyme Form a picture, Draw a hand. Take a stab, Make a stand. All you are will never be, All my nonsense will, soon, cease to be. 1:41 AM What does impact feel like? A car, going just fast enough to land on [...]

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