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On state of photography

I think, now that everyone and their mother – and this includes me – is using some derivative of Photoshop and its ilk (Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) to process and enhance their photos, that the emphasis in the photographic process (compose -> shoot -> develop/process -> share) goes to the first two [...]

8/22/08 / Anshu

3:23 PM I also got the following DVDs from the library: I haven’t seen any of these before. 2:37 PM Happy birthday Anshu!  (It’s my brother’s birthday.) I spent a few hours at the Boulder Public Library today, where I used the internet, had a coffee at their cafe, and checked out the following books: [...]

7/18/08 / Prefecture

5:36 PM Started reading Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Workflow so I can work on some of the thousands of India photos I have, along with the new ones I’m taking everyday. 9:52 AM I’ve read a few stories and books recently where there are elements in them that are just left unexplained.  This goes for a [...]

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