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11/07/09 / Rocky Mountain Hospitality

I guess I can still pass a driving test, although I don’t remember the “About what percentage of collisions involve alcohol?” question being on there, or having anything directly to do with your driving ability or acumen. I scored 15/18 on the test (linked to below). Created by Auto And another one: AND PASSED [...]

7/01/09 / Rescue

I drove 433 miles on 10.03 gallons of gas. That’s 43.17 miles per gallon. “You’re in ruins…” If you have the stomach for it, read this description of this sick practice in Pakistan where they torture bears for entertainment. The practice is condemned by the Pakistani government, and even by Islamic law, but it still [...]

6/29/09 / Rest

I must have, literally, the lyrics to thousands of songs stored in my memory. I ask myself, is there anything better that space could be used for? “Knowledge” perhaps; “higher learning” of some sort. “Are you in a hurry to get to that red light?” Some interesting reactions to an article about Twitter from the [...]

5/13/09 / Greasy

11:50 AM Every time I drive now, down a highway separated by that double yellow line with its periodic breaks, I’ve been thinking about those people whose job it is to decide just where to start and end those breaks. Their decision could mean life or death for some eager overtaker in a hurry, yet [...]

Airport trip

I wanted to map the way I just took back from Denver International Airport.  I wanted to avoid the E-470 tollway so I kept driving, making sure I headed North and West, figuring I would eventually get to Boulder. The airport is farther than I thought, farther than Philadelphia International is from Wilmington. View Larger [...]

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