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11/06/08 / Vroom

8:27 PM Coming to Colorado – specifically to Boulder – I thought I would encounter better, more sensible drivers.  But even here I realize drivers are much the same as everywhere else: impatient and lacking in some basic sense. It baffles me when I see cars and SUVs flying past me, accelerating, adding speed, only [...]

8/22/08 / Anshu

3:23 PM I also got the following DVDs from the library: I haven’t seen any of these before. 2:37 PM Happy birthday Anshu!  (It’s my brother’s birthday.) I spent a few hours at the Boulder Public Library today, where I used the internet, had a coffee at their cafe, and checked out the following books: [...]

8/13/08 / Miles

6:24 PM It doesn’t feel real yet, but I’m moving!  I won’t say where right now, but I will say that I’m changing time zones.  I’ll have a lot of pictures to post soon – not sure when but soon. 12:59 PM Last night I was flipping through channels and landed on ABC Family.  Some [...]

Blurb on India: God exists

[Originally written 7/14/07 6:44 PM] It’s been said before but because its remarkable fortitude it’s a fact worth repeating: after you come to India you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God exists. For instance, buses pass each other on one-lane unpaved unfenced mountain roads with not even centimeters to spare, time after [...]

Pictures from the road

Old pictures, taken from the road.

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