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On the afterlife

Quite independent of the fact that it’s my birthday tomorrow, I had a thought about the afterlife, and my coolness to the concept of it.  It brings such a freedom to my conscience to not care what’s in the afterlife, because it leaves me able to consider what’s here, what’s now.  It’s more than words [...]


1:29 PM On man/woman/person: So much hangs in the balance between man’s ego and woman’s sensibility. Pride, money, face, relations, the next day, the next year, this life. To remain equanimous is foreign to some temperaments. Some personalities wash from one end to the other, spending not a single moment at the center – balanced, [...]


6:04 AM [Got home from the train station 15 minutes ago.] Grateful as I am for living in its luxurious comforts, the developed world is beginning to bore me. The atmosphere everywhere reeks of homogeneity that I find stifling. We drink from the same cups, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, work the [...]

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