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9:07 AM It’s a transparent thread between art and nonsense. 10:22 AM Life’s getting done. On the BlackBerry, working weekends and nights. Projects, deadlines, promotion, bankroll. Setting aside time for that all-important home unit, the family. Office paper, disposable cups plates knives forks, living to excess, eating to excess. Spending on entertainment, saving for education. [...]


1:29 PM On man/woman/person: So much hangs in the balance between man’s ego and woman’s sensibility. Pride, money, face, relations, the next day, the next year, this life. To remain equanimous is foreign to some temperaments. Some personalities wash from one end to the other, spending not a single moment at the center – balanced, [...]


9:17 AM It’s fun posting random useless information in the spirit of full disclosure, so I’ll start off today by saying that my car ran out of gas this morning, which consumed a half hour of my time. Thankfully I don’t have a hard and fast time I need to be at work by, so [...]

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