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Some standard questions (SQs)

I met some new people last night, most of whom were new to each other as well. We were all college-educated and in our 20s for the most part. Given our demographic homogeneity, there’s a fairly standard list of questions that we went through to get to know each other. I’ve heard the list varies [...]

8/31/08 / Chautauqua

4:53 PM So here are maps made from Google Earth of the two trails mentioned below. Royal Arch trail, the one I hiked today, is 4 miles round-trip.  It’s labeled “moderate” on the official map, but the guide at the visitor’s center said he would label it more toward “strenuous” if it were up to [...]


10:24 AM Verses of poem from pre-sleep stage Fall fast from reason Expostulate till cheeks turn crimson Fall hard, fast from glory Not so swiftly you don’t live to tell this story 10:25 AM Concerning my impending travels, I’m trying hard not to form images in my mind of what I think it’ll be like. [...]


12:44 AM What’s got me reeling is trying to make sense of my own history. The novel of my life. I’ve got the heads-side banalities figured out, thanks to a vivid and reliable memory. It’s the tails-side picture of meaning and pattern that’s evasive and keeps me up at night. What’s it all mean? This [...]

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