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Gone Girl book review

I dare say[1], it’s not a very well-written book. I would describe it as elementary, and not refined or sophisticated. That made is easy (and fast) to read but not very enjoyable for the writing itself. Good The story is good, and inventive[2] The story seemed solid, and the plot well thought out[3] Writing is [...]

A short little poemme

I bought me a fancy pen From eBay To write short sentences Like Hemingway

Five years

[I’m pleased with myself for actually writing something after a long time. I don’t know why I keep writing about love; I just write what comes to me.] After five years I knocked on her door. The door hadn’t changed; the steps leading to it, the fence guarding it from a distance, everything was the [...]

Oh tabla!

What is the sound of you? Like a thunderbolt, you strike a chord! b d p t are your letters…and the occasional l. Your voice is guttural and basic – even primordial. When you first strike you speak of the birth of planets and space – not like a foot falling on a moist forest [...]

Suicide booth

Late one evening I was walking along my street when I came across a fixture that was new to me. It looked like a phone booth but I couldn’t see a phone or a phonebook when I peeked inside. Curious, I hesitantly stepped off the sidewalk and into the enclosure. As soon as the door [...]

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