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Picture of love 3

She lays there, clothed and surrounded in hospital white, body battered, soul shattered. Arms are at her side, one leg is resting peacefully flat while the other points to the ceiling, held up by nylon rope, forcibly kept straight in a hospital white cast. How she got here she doesn’t remember, but all she sees [...]


10:24 AM Verses of poem from pre-sleep stage Fall fast from reason Expostulate till cheeks turn crimson Fall hard, fast from glory Not so swiftly you don’t live to tell this story 10:25 AM Concerning my impending travels, I’m trying hard not to form images in my mind of what I think it’ll be like. [...]

Dear Charles

[Last night as I lay in bed, the thought of movies came to my mind, and I thought about all the little effects they have to devise and place to make the various settings seem authentic. One such effect is old letters and notebooks they always show, and in order to be believable, they’re at [...]


Not a bone of poetry in you. Not a sliver of wisdom, an ounce of introspective matter. But you are what you are; you are what you are to me, still. I do what I do all day, for what? For this? Lay your judgment on me, once and for all. Rain on me today [...]


I’m on the rim of the cup of the thought of you. It started with an emptiness that felt heavenly – warm, ready to receive. Slowly the cup filled with your presence and knowledge. Then suddenly, like all else good that must end, the cup reached its limit. Now I find myself on its rim, [...]

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