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6:13 PM Picture of the day (not mine): 3:25 PM Last night I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous. It was very good, in his signature sarcastic style. Toward the end he said something I really liked, something along the lines of: What society needs in response to the unanswered questions we have as human beings are [...]

What I’ve learned: Freelance photography

Here’s a brief summary of what I learned at the conference I attended last weekend on travel writing and photography: A website is becoming (or perhaps already has) your face to the world.  If it’s not professional and slick you risk alienating potential clients and editors.  Having a clean and efficient website was repeatedly emphasized [...]

9/14/08 / Flickr

8:54 PM Goodbye Flickr.  I just deleted my account.  And to think that before this weekend I was thinking of upgrading to a pro account. What happened?  This weekend there was a conference in town.  I learned that the terms of use of sites such as Flickr give them rights over my photos that I [...]


3:17 PM If I had a dollar for every self-portrait on Flickr of a shy housewife-type in a seductive pose or dress looking for attention and gratification, I’d be a rich man. And I only know the ones that make it to Explore! 3:31 PM Photo of the day, taken at Dal Lake in Srinagar, [...]

Srinagar, Kashmir

Some of my favorite photos from India were taken in Srinagar, capital of the terrorist-ridden state of Kashmir. I stayed on Dal Lake in a houseboat one night and a nearby guesthouse the rest of the nights. On my last day there I rented a shikara (boat) for the whole day that took me around [...]

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