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On vegetarianism

From book-review article on vegetarianism: With few exceptions, European proponents of vegetarianism emerged from those who had meat. You can define vegetarianism in any number of ways, but the simple absence of meat from the diet isn’t an interesting way to do it. To be culturally significant, you need some sort of principled justification, and [...]

Quantity vs. Quality

There are two approaches to life: the quantity approach and the quality approach. As a whole American society seems more focused on the quantity approach, prime examples of that being the auto industry, fast food, and outsourcing production to labor-friendly countries like China and India. The same dichotomy applies to meeting people. You can choose [...]

Observation #3: Changes at work

What the environmentalist in me wants to change at work: 1. Recycling of office paper 2. Reusing of plastic utensils 3. Replacement of paper cups with reusable plastic ones 4. Decrease in food that gets ordered for dinner and doesn’t get eaten/gets thrown out

Elementary education in America: Is it really that bad?

There’s a prevailing attitude – especially among immigrant parents – that American elementary education is inferior to other countries because we give our kids crutches from the start in the form of calculators for math and computers for everything else. This is a grossly misrepresented and overblown point of criticism for our education system, not [...]

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