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Which is it?

What’s $0.01 billion dollars here or’s only $10 million!

11/14/08 / Shock

3:06 PM "You still not reading? "Just newspapers.  It’s anti-American!" Boston Legal, Season 5, Episode 8 3:00 PM First snow of the year, at least on the ground here.  There’s been snow on the mountains for a while. One of the biggest jokes God has played with humans: So many of us are able to [...]

Halloween Pictures

Went to the Pearl St. Mall Friday night for Halloween.  Some interesting characters there, as the pictures show.  (Some are blurry because I didn’t want to use the flash, and the people were always in motion.) There was supposed to be a “naked pumpkin run” but after the crowd had gathered and was waiting anxiously, [...]

9/03/08 / Yeah

3:45 PM Came across this on Craigslist job postings.  I’m not quite sure what it means. Is that supposed to be funny or offensive, or both or neither?  I don’t get it.

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