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4/29/08 / Genius

6:36 PM “Simple” formula for becoming a genius, from a article about a Polish scientist who developed a method and software for learning and retaining new knowledge (bolds and italics mine): Philosopher William James once wrote that mental life is controlled by noticing. Climbing out of the sea and onto the windy beach, my [...]

Lessons on writing

From article on good writing: … But one of the things good writing does is to fight a rear-guard action against this automatic absorption of error. For example, a competent writer would look twice at rear-guard action to make sure that he means to evoke a losing battle and check automatic absorption to make sure [...]


7:43 AM The moment I awaken, the floodgate opens and yesterday’s thoughts rush in to fill today’s pond. Thoughts of you, him, her, they, it, this, that. Everyone and everything casually walks in through the door like a daily visitor. Hardly have I woken that the house is already full of visitors, demanding attention and [...]

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