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7/28/10 / Supercop

Privacy – or lack thereof – online I haven’t verified these statistics, nor do I plan to, but it is nice to know I’m not losing much by not using Facebook and Google – as in losing privacy and personal information. iPad owners are selfish douchebags Maybe douchebags is a bit harsh, and reflects my [...]

3/29/10 / Rise up

Spooky Spokeo Yesterday I came across a site called You can look up personal information on anyone, and if you pay you can even get their credit information and more. I keep harping on this privacy thing (and picking on Google) but I really do think people should be more concerned and discerning about [...]

2/28/10 / Spectacle

On positive thinking Sometimes I get really sick of all this positive thinking that’s going around. Self-help and spirituality books and the general media tell us to think positive, feel good about our bodies, put family and nation before anything else etc. etc. I just feel like saying “Fuck you!” to them all sometimes. But [...]

Surveilling the people

A bit extreme, yes, but it certainly gets my point across. There are China and Iran, monitoring their citizens’ every move on the Internet, blocking them from certain information in many cases. Then there’s Google, monitoring everyone on the Internet (everyone who uses their services, which is pratically everyone). We know what China and Iran [...]

12/27/09 / On advice

“You live only as long as you can lie into the mug of anybody, and without batting an eye. And when you can’t anymore, well, it’s time to get hold of that razorblade.” -Tranquility, Attila Bartis, Pg. 99 With the proliferation of advice – on the Internet, in the news, on television shows (Oprah, Dr. [...]

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