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5/09/09 / Spike

8:13 PM Over the past few days I had the topic of names on my mind, how certain ones sound better than others. Just now I came across this article on baby names, which suggests that: In aggregate, the popularity of baby names are merely driven by the rules of fashion. By a process known [...]

3/09/09 / Kid

9:15 AM I can still feel yesterday’s hike in my calves. From the State Parks website: Eldorado Canyon Trail Permitted: pedestrians and horses Miles paved: 0 Miles non-paved: 3.5 Total distance: 3.5 one-way Usage: Moderate Degree of difficulty: Moderate/Difficult Beginning Elevation: 6,000 ADA accessible: No Pets: Yes, and on six foot leash under control at [...]

3/01/09 / Hoarde

9:11 PM After Lila chewed up the arms of my reading glasses, I tried to get a new pair made with the same prescription, but apparently the life of a prescription is three years, so I had to see the optometrist again. Apparently my eye prescription got a bit stronger since the last time I [...]

10/22/08 / Rama

8:22 PM Song of the day: I was watching Karzzzz, and while the movie is actually watchable, I realized, after hearing Himesh’s version of Ek Haseena Thi, what a genius R.D. Burman was to compose the original song. 2:20 PM Started watching Ramchand Pakistani but it seemed too serious, so I had to stop it [...]

10/12/08 / Ute

8:34 PM It’s been raining all day. Went hiking on a new trail today, the Ute trail on Flagstaff Mountain.  I was impressed to find that there was a separate path that was wheelchair-accessible.  It was foggy to the point of not being able to see more than 15-20 feet.  I drove through curvy mountain [...]

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