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I know the goddamn secret!

I have figured it out. While sitting at a religious ritual it came to me as something important was being recited. And it’s really no secret but it’s worth mentioning regardless. When religious rites and ceremonies and traditions were being invented, then practiced, then cemented into history to be passed down to posterity in their [...]

What’s to say…

…that hasn’t already been said? It’s my feeling that everything about the human experience has already been said, if only in skeleton form. By that I mean that the content of that skeleton will continually change with the advent of new technology, new politics, new sociology, etc. But man, in his range of experiences – [...]

On great men

It is my (humble, uninformed, and unscientific) opinion, that greatness in men is more a function of historical context than any person’s innate genius. This is, of course, not to discount their personal contribution to whatever made them great or famous. Yesterday I was reading the introduction to a book when the name of William [...]

On pride

Pride, says C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity, is the greatest sin. I wholeheartedly agree with him, and, in a leap of judgment, I have decided that pride is also the source of the greed and consequent inequality that plagues my world. The thought came to me with the rather innocent question of “Who am I [...]


1:29 PM On man/woman/person: So much hangs in the balance between man’s ego and woman’s sensibility. Pride, money, face, relations, the next day, the next year, this life. To remain equanimous is foreign to some temperaments. Some personalities wash from one end to the other, spending not a single moment at the center – balanced, [...]

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