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9/08/08 / Light

9:33 PM So I tried three more Lightbox plugins, and finally got one working that I like: Slimbox – by the same guy as a plugin below.  I thought it might work because since it’s not actually Lightbox, it wouldn’t conflict with Photoxhibit.  But it didn’t end up working. jQuery Lightbox – I was quite [...]

8/30/08 / Dell

9:57 PM Pixelpost or WordPress? I’m playing around with two photoblogs right now, trying to decide which one to keep and actually start posting photos to (instead of spending time figuring out how to do it – incidentally, that reminds me of how my earlier years using a computer were spent more in fixing the [...]


12:53 AM My work is a work in progress. 12:59 AM A rhyme Form a picture, Draw a hand. Take a stab, Make a stand. All you are will never be, All my nonsense will, soon, cease to be. 1:41 AM What does impact feel like? A car, going just fast enough to land on [...]


11:54 AM We divided land, we divided water, we even divided air in terms of flying zones. How’re we going to divide the sky in terms of pollution? 8:37 PM This could go one way or it could go the other. Divergent paths confound at every five paces. To do or not; to do this [...]

Wisdom of a (former) female libertine

Apparently casual sex isn’t the same for men and women. From article: Whatever Greer and her ilk might say I’ve tried their philosophy — that a woman can shag like a man — and it doesn’t work. We’re not built like that. Women are built for bonding. We are vessels and we seek to be [...]

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