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On blogging and twitter-ing

This image was suggested by tagaroo as being revelevant to this post based on its content. Blogging is already a form of hubris, but twitter-ing takes it to a whole new level. “Listen to me world. This is what I’m doing, this is where I am, this is what I’m thinking about something that doesn’t [...]

2/03/10 / Raashan

“The number one need of any human is to be liked by other humans” -Source मुश्किलें इतनी पढ़ी मुझपर के आसान हो गयीं (So many difficulties fell upon me that they became easy) -Mirza Ghalib Just as Ghalib’s difficulties “became easy” by being so many, I wonder if the elite of the world (or at [...]

Sound advice for a sound life

Everyone has advice. Everyone loves giving advice. Here’s some from me that’s not actually from me. First and foremost, Be yourself This one is actually a good song, unlike some of the ones to follow. Be Yourself – Audioslave Listen to your heart It doesn’t lie (except when it does). Listen To Your Heart – [...]


7:43 AM The moment I awaken, the floodgate opens and yesterday’s thoughts rush in to fill today’s pond. Thoughts of you, him, her, they, it, this, that. Everyone and everything casually walks in through the door like a daily visitor. Hardly have I woken that the house is already full of visitors, demanding attention and [...]

1/18/07 / Timeless rant

10:04 AM “Life” is one of those grand words that doesn’t really have any satisfactory synonyms. What could you replace in “What’s the meaning of _____?” or “_____ is like a box of chocolates…” 9:46 PM [Not sure where or why this came from, but I just felt like writing.] My world is limited to [...]

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