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9/08/08 / Light

9:33 PM So I tried three more Lightbox plugins, and finally got one working that I like: Slimbox – by the same guy as a plugin below.  I thought it might work because since it’s not actually Lightbox, it wouldn’t conflict with Photoxhibit.  But it didn’t end up working. jQuery Lightbox – I was quite [...]


10:24 AM Verses of poem from pre-sleep stage Fall fast from reason Expostulate till cheeks turn crimson Fall hard, fast from glory Not so swiftly you don’t live to tell this story 10:25 AM Concerning my impending travels, I’m trying hard not to form images in my mind of what I think it’ll be like. [...]


11:48 AM Wow. (Note the varied comments to the video on its homepage.) 4:14 PM The statistics are as (if not more) interesting as the pictures. 8:22 PM From blog article: In a recently-released working paper, Crocker Liu (New York University) and David Yermack (Arizona State University) have come up with a clever way of [...]


Like a leech, latch onto love. Suck soft skin sore. Emotion raging forth at the speed of black, burning every moment to devour all, blood bones and bile. On the bed, lying pathetically miserably at the mercy of; alive each moment only to show no mercy. Anger darker than night, rage mightier than elephant; love [...]

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