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3:24 PM Discovered another author I hadn’t previously heard of. A Nobel laureate no less. Elias Canetti (link to author’s Nobel webpage). I’m interested in reading his Auto-da-fe. 3:34 PM Why, the fuck, is Reuters pronounced “Roiters”? 7:04 PM The inhumanity of man. (The article is graphic.) 8:58 PM Comfortable. Like a rat in a [...]


8:33 PM I feel like being active and productive, even if it’s in conversation, but there happens to be no one around for that. 8:37 PM Certain words I don’t like outside of their common connotation. One such word that just came to mind is rich. It bothers me to hear that word used to [...]

1/18/07 / Timeless rant

10:04 AM “Life” is one of those grand words that doesn’t really have any satisfactory synonyms. What could you replace in “What’s the meaning of _____?” or “_____ is like a box of chocolates…” 9:46 PM [Not sure where or why this came from, but I just felt like writing.] My world is limited to [...]

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