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Rant no. 1

I guess I’m trying to find or define the essence of man – what remains that’s common to us all after the money and fame and fortune (or misfortune) are stripped away. What remains then, what thoughts, actions, and feelings? I want to know what remains after you take aware where one lives and what [...]

9/11/09 / Plumbline

Last night there were thousands of little American flags on one of the lawns of the University of Colorado campus, in honor of 9/11 victims. I’ve realized what graduate school is all about, at least for the people who go there to seriously learn. It’s about learning the language and concepts to be able to [...]

5/25/09 / Paris

2:13 PM On US Airways flight 482, I came across a flaring grammatical error in the official US Airways magazine. (Click the picture below to visit article.) I was even more surprised that the article wasn’t fixed online, but as I’m sure it will be sooner or later (after a barrage of comments from readers), [...]

Bitch – the word

Seems like an appropriate image for the post.  I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve never been the biggest fan of this inglorious term, but I’m an even lesser fan of when the fairer sex uses it to refer to their own kind. I don’t know the etymology of this base word as it is used [...]


2:58 PM Sitting at work is much better than sitting in class, because here at least I can check e-mail, chat, and read the news and articles. 8:26 PM To fall for you would be the fall of me. But in this life we have so many devices we lean on to defy blame and [...]

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