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On keeping records

I have been wondering since an early age why so much time is spent on making and curating records (of pretty much everything you can think of, both public and private). But I’m learning through living that record-keeping is truly invaluable, because not only does it serve to remind you of facts and thoughts, it [...]

Book review: Color management (1)

It’s nice to be able to start a book in the late afternoon and finish it by evening.  That’s what I did yesterday with this book: It was actually very informative, and I learned new things and terminology I had heard before but wasn’t sure about before, like: Proofing means to check how something will [...]


6:23 PM Song of the moment: (I haven’t heard this song in years and came across it by accident today.) Here by my side an angel Here by my side the devil Never turn your back on me Never turn your back on me again. Here by my side it’s heaven Here by my side [...]

3/11/07 / Library

12:15 PM Write. Write about it (what you wrote earlier). Then write about writing. Observe -> Participate -> Critique -> Reobserve 12:47 PM There is high stigma in my mind about school grades deadlines and all that business. I post and analyze and critique articles here for my own education and entertainment, but if I [...]


10:40 AM Words don’t seem instrinsic to man. I mean, when we’re born we have our five senses. In terms of art I would say we’re innately predisposed to appreciating and creating pictures (sight), music (sound), and the fragrant and the culinary (smell and taste). Language develops later on – which isn’t to say it’s [...]

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