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10/31/09 / Thermos

I bought myself a Thermos today. The idea is to bring coffee or tea with me to the library to do work instead of spending $2 (at least) everytime to go to a coffee shop. It was only $5! This world, I’m realizing more and more to my dismay, is built not for breadth, but [...]

12/13/08 / Hadir

3:44 PM Some small but interesting tidbits I learned about HDR photography through an article in Digital PhotoPro magazine: A typical camera captures about 8 EV of dynamic range; the human eye captures 14 EV Images in print capture about 6 EV Definiton of EV 0: 1-sec exposure at f/1 3:24 PM The Boulder Public [...]

12/09/08 / B&W

10:31 PM Watched one of my favorite movies of all time, The Insider. I love the library.  Earlier today I went to get a DVD (where I got the movie referenced above), and on their "sale" shelf I saw two great books:   Both are in new condition, the first hardback and the other paperback.  [...]

8/27/08 / Maps

10:35 PM I have discovered Pixelpost.  It’s an open source platform specifically for photoblogs! Not bad for out of the box.  The EXIF technical data is there like I want it!  The only thing to figure out now is whether I can post both single and multiple photos in one post or not. 9:26 PM [...]

7/20/08 / Alchemy

6:13 PM Books I have checked out from the library, yet to read: and And movies I have checked out, yet to watch: 11:36 AM It’s an old adage that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  Recently I came across a retailer who’s selling my camera for nearly [half the [...]

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