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My Generation

Finally an interesting show from ABC, called My Generation, that catches up with a group of young adults from Austin, Texas ten years after high school. One thing I can’t tell, however, is whether the show is actually for real or if it’s staged. I mean there has to be some staging and acting involved, [...]

On Nikon’s taxonomy

[I thought about whether to post this or not, because it's rather trivial and inconsequential. But I haven't written in a while, and that's not good for SEO, so I'll write it just for that reason (if not to simply get something trivial and inconsequential off my chest)] I’m confounded by Nikon‘s taxonomy for their [...]

Shoot-outs and comparisons

Why are we a people so obsessed with comparisons? Above are just a few of the magazine covers I found searching for “comparison magazine covers” in Bing. What is it about them that attracts us? The intrigue, the thrill of finding out who’s the winner? Comparisons and superlatives (best, fastest, biggest, costliest, coolest): what is [...]


Even though the odds are stacked against me (according to it), I really enjoyed this book. According to this book: I’ll never be a professional hockey player, or play any other sport professionally, the leagues of which have cut-off dates of January 1st, since my birthday is in December. I missed my chance to be [...]

3/29/10 / Rise up

Spooky Spokeo Yesterday I came across a site called You can look up personal information on anyone, and if you pay you can even get their credit information and more. I keep harping on this privacy thing (and picking on Google) but I really do think people should be more concerned and discerning about [...]

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