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12/08/09 / Al-Gor(e)-ithm

Thomas Mann’s very revealing, rather caustic, take on women, in the context of love: Women, if one may put it this way, are reactive creatures, with little original initiative, careless to the point of being passive. Allow me, please, to attempt to develop my thought somewhat, though in labored fashion. In matters of love, a [...]

Five years

[I’m pleased with myself for actually writing something after a long time. I don’t know why I keep writing about love; I just write what comes to me.] After five years I knocked on her door. The door hadn’t changed; the steps leading to it, the fence guarding it from a distance, everything was the [...]


4:59 PM Walked 8.16 miles (13 km) today, in approximately 2 hours, in the rain. It was awesome, even though my legs got tired by the end and I was soaking wet when I arrived home. I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have music with me. While walking I thought about rules of [...]


Song of the day, from the Hindi movie Life in a…Metro, called Alvida and sung by KK: (Originally added it last night, but I wanted to place at it the top for all day today.) 10:04 AM From article on how love doesn’t necessarily mean marriage: Half the respondents between the ages 20 and 29 [...]

No title #3

I’ll see to you in a minute, life Please wait there in the corner. A love’s-a-calling.

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