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1/1/13 / Ring

India really sucks Wow. There’s a song in Hindi, which, translated, is titled “I am a rapist.”

12/28/11 / Gift-wrap

I needed something other than The Varieties of Religious Experience to read – to, you know, not have to use my brain so much all the time while reading, to not feel so mentally engaged on every sentence and exclaim “Wow!” inside my head on William James’ every immaculately worded passage – so I went [...]

6/26/11 / New low

Song of the day New low by Middle Class Rut I have no space No room to move around And this box is getting smaller I’m trying to get out How did I get so far From where I was When did I decide To lose my way Who have I become I’ve got a [...]

2/07/11 / Catherine’s

Song of the day When did your heart go missing by Rooney Love don’t come so easily This doesn’t have to end in tragedy I have you and you have me We’re one in a million Why can’t you see? I’m waiting, waiting for nothing You’re leaving, leaving me hanging When did your heart go [...]

11/25/10 / Alone

Song of the day Timothy Victor’s This is my city Turning my memories Hoping to find out where all the loyalty’s gone The friends that I had then Turned into strangers Thinking of you all alone If you see me now You see me alone If you see me I’ll be heading home ‘Cause this [...]

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