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3/26/10 / Eisenberg

Kundera on tears in Life is Elsewhere …that was wonderful; that was something that had never before happened to him, a woman crying for love of him; for him tears were the solution into which a man is dissolved when he is discontented with merely being a man and desires to free himself from the [...]

7/22/08 / Crazy

9:18 AM I can’t believe I didn’t write about this earlier, because it was so…odd.  A few weeks ago, while I was having a coffee at Panera Bread one evening, a man in his 50s came up to me and started talking.  I was playing with my new camera so I thought he was going [...]


9:21 PM har taraf har jagah beshumaar aadmi. phir bhi tanhaaiyon ka shikaar aadmi. (Every direction, every place, countless persons; but still the victim of loneliness is every person.) 11:59 PM Never content with what he has or what he’s given, the human animal forages far and wide in hope of possibility and opportunity. This [...]

Man and woman

What do you know and believe about man and woman? Man tough woman soft? Man don’t carry woman woman carry man with life from her womb with love beneath ‘er ‘toe with nourish from her breast. If for a speck of eternity man could be woman and feel what it is to have men, he’d [...]


9:00 AM Keep your information; don’t share it. That narrow glimpse into your mind, your heart, your life is so rare for me that I start to treasure it. But for you it means nothing. As You are, it’s of no particular significance to share with me. I’m just a placeholder, within your easy reach [...]

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