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On keeping records

I have been wondering since an early age why so much time is spent on making and curating records (of pretty much everything you can think of, both public and private). But I’m learning through living that record-keeping is truly invaluable, because not only does it serve to remind you of facts and thoughts, it [...]

5/31/11 / Endgame

Mysterious recall As I walked out this morning, I grabbed the thin orange notebook off my kitchen counter that simply reads: 1-subject notebookCOLLEGE RULED | 70 SHEETS10.5 in x 8 in | 26.7 cm x 20.3 cm As I mentioned the cover is orange, and the only other writing on it is in the bottom [...]

3/25/10 / Chorus

Kundera on poets and poetry in Life is Elsewhere Poetry is a domain in which all assertions become true. Yesterday the poet said: “Life is as useless as tears,” today he says: “Life is as joyous as laughter,” and he is right both times. Today he says” “Everything ends and gives way to silence,” and [...]

6/29/09 / Rest

I must have, literally, the lyrics to thousands of songs stored in my memory. I ask myself, is there anything better that space could be used for? “Knowledge” perhaps; “higher learning” of some sort. “Are you in a hurry to get to that red light?” Some interesting reactions to an article about Twitter from the [...]

On the afterlife

Quite independent of the fact that it’s my birthday tomorrow, I had a thought about the afterlife, and my coolness to the concept of it.  It brings such a freedom to my conscience to not care what’s in the afterlife, because it leaves me able to consider what’s here, what’s now.  It’s more than words [...]

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