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Book review: Color management (1)

It’s nice to be able to start a book in the late afternoon and finish it by evening.  That’s what I did yesterday with this book: It was actually very informative, and I learned new things and terminology I had heard before but wasn’t sure about before, like: Proofing means to check how something will [...]

8/30/08 / Dell

9:57 PM Pixelpost or WordPress? I’m playing around with two photoblogs right now, trying to decide which one to keep and actually start posting photos to (instead of spending time figuring out how to do it – incidentally, that reminds me of how my earlier years using a computer were spent more in fixing the [...]

7/02/08 / RAW

6:26 PM Testing out Windows Live Writer with this post. Got a new toy today, the Nikon D300 digital camera, that I can’t wait to start playing with (once the battery charges).  It’s good to pull out the old lenses from storage and finally be putting them to good use!  Plus I want to shoot [...]

In praise of Google

As much as I dislike the newly-minted Google empire, I admire them for their work toward spreading written knowledge via their book-scanning project. The effort also highlights an instance where competition seems to be advantageous to all parties involved: Google, its competitors (Yahoo! and Microsoft, mainly), and the consumers who soak up their products and [...]

Social networking

Social networking sites I’ve heard of or seen so far (not including the ones geared toward specific cultures/ethnicities): • Myspace • Friendster • Imeem • Orkut • Yahoo! 360 • MSN Spaces • Facebook The Internet is getting contaminated (I had to think of the right word, and that seems like it) with tens of [...]

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