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1/30/09 / 100%

12:49 PM According to this article, based on independent research, Denver is the top city where Americans would like to live. Runners-up were San Diego and Seattle. I’m not surprised at the cities on the bottom: Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. 9:30 AM Last night I went to a movie screening in Denver, at a small [...]

New Mexico trip

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11/27/08 / NPS

9:15 PM I’m in a motel in Santa Fe, NM.  We (Lila and I) drove down to Albuquerque today, and saw that it’s a pretty uneventful town.  The University of New Mexico is there, and Old Town Plaza is nice, but other than that there wasn’t much.  We took a hike at the Petroglyph National [...]

The greatest places on earth

  Madagascar Madagascar has the greatest variety of fauna of any island The chameleon’s tongue is as long as its body There are cactii that grow as tall as trees Tibet The plateau of Tibet is higher in elevation than the tallest peaks of the Rockies In Tibet temperatures can drop 80 degrees Fahrenheit in [...]

10/12/08 / Ute

8:34 PM It’s been raining all day. Went hiking on a new trail today, the Ute trail on Flagstaff Mountain.  I was impressed to find that there was a separate path that was wheelchair-accessible.  It was foggy to the point of not being able to see more than 15-20 feet.  I drove through curvy mountain [...]

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