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Precious commentary

2010 Commonwealth Games These comments, in response to an article about India’s lack of preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, are quite funny and carry a lot of subtext (cultural stereotype and intolerance anyone?). If only their authors could spell and successfully assemble simple sentences I would be inclined to take them seriously, but they’re [...]

3/26/10 / Eisenberg

Kundera on tears in Life is Elsewhere …that was wonderful; that was something that had never before happened to him, a woman crying for love of him; for him tears were the solution into which a man is dissolved when he is discontented with merely being a man and desires to free himself from the [...]

12/06/09 / Buyer beware

On death and surviving it Should we be concerned about what those who survive us think about us after we’re gone? In a glimpse of a TV show episode I just saw, a woman finds out that when her husband had a car accident (in which he died), there was another woman in the car [...]

5/09/09 / Spike

8:13 PM Over the past few days I had the topic of names on my mind, how certain ones sound better than others. Just now I came across this article on baby names, which suggests that: In aggregate, the popularity of baby names are merely driven by the rules of fashion. By a process known [...]

3/11/09 / Ivena

11:02 PM Song of the day (which is soon about to end): Help me I don’t know what I’m doing Help me before I fall to ruin And if I’m blind, I will lead you on Come follow me now, before our time is gone [Chorus] And as you’re laughing at this fool tonight Let [...]

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