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Eldorado Canyon State Park

They were spotted all over the park! Hooks left in the rocks by climbers; not sure if they do it on purpose or just forgot. Is that turbulence?

12/07/08 / Kodak

8:32 PM Why do people like to have photos of themselves in their own houses?  Is it for when they forget what they look like? Speaking of Kodak, I noticed today on the local Craigslist someone was giving away Kodak film because he’s all-digital now.  I feel sad for film.  I kind of miss it.

11/05/08 / Peel

10:04 PM Pictures of the day: (from weekend trip to Grand Lake)    9:41 PM Something about the randomness of cooking has interested me for a long time.  Although I don’t enjoy cooking as a hobby, it appeals to me in the way that it works. Take a chopped onion and throw it in a [...]

Halloween Pictures

Went to the Pearl St. Mall Friday night for Halloween.  Some interesting characters there, as the pictures show.  (Some are blurry because I didn’t want to use the flash, and the people were always in motion.) There was supposed to be a “naked pumpkin run” but after the crowd had gathered and was waiting anxiously, [...]

10/22/08 / Rama

8:22 PM Song of the day: I was watching Karzzzz, and while the movie is actually watchable, I realized, after hearing Himesh’s version of Ek Haseena Thi, what a genius R.D. Burman was to compose the original song. 2:20 PM Started watching Ramchand Pakistani but it seemed too serious, so I had to stop it [...]

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