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12/14/09 / Jaquith

On genius and polymaths I wrote something similar before, but it occurred to me while driving that the canons of so many disciplines are comprised of the works of just a few men. How does it come to be like that? It’s like a big bang of sorts: the early minutes of a new discipline [...]

7:51 AM / Darpa

7:51 AM It’s a few years old, but the research says that 63% of Americans believe that “humans and other animals have either always existed in their present form or have evolved over time under the guidance of a supreme being…” In other words, they don’t accept Darwin’s theory of evolution. In an article in [...]

2/28/07 / Tourbillon

8:55 PM I lead a simple life on the exterior. Very simple. Few tasks, few people, few errands and routines. I don’t envy you your complications, because mine are much more perverse, involved, intricate, and moving. If yours is the latest and greatest Casio, mine is the rare Swiss tourbillon being auctioned at Sotheby’s: thousand [...]

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