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Oh tabla!

What is the sound of you? Like a thunderbolt, you strike a chord! b d p t are your letters…and the occasional l. Your voice is guttural and basic – even primordial. When you first strike you speak of the birth of planets and space – not like a foot falling on a moist forest [...]

No title #3

I’ll see to you in a minute, life Please wait there in the corner. A love’s-a-calling.

Traveling together

We can do all the things other couples do while traveling, If only you would just be here. We can be naive and discuss occasions, Prematurely plan the seasons, Talk about what we miss from back home, Then fall silent to contemplate the reasons. I’ll build us a hut in the mountains Where we can [...]


10:24 AM Verses of poem from pre-sleep stage Fall fast from reason Expostulate till cheeks turn crimson Fall hard, fast from glory Not so swiftly you don’t live to tell this story 10:25 AM Concerning my impending travels, I’m trying hard not to form images in my mind of what I think it’ll be like. [...]


Words bridge the gap. So much stands in between but words they bridge the gap. Between father and son, mother and daughter, brother to sister, brother to brother. Words bridge the gap between generations, between ancestor and progeny. Yesterday will always be easier, tomorrow forever filled with possibility. Between these distant poles words bridge the [...]

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