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Rant no. 1

I guess I’m trying to find or define the essence of man – what remains that’s common to us all after the money and fame and fortune (or misfortune) are stripped away. What remains then, what thoughts, actions, and feelings? I want to know what remains after you take aware where one lives and what [...]

On keeping records

I have been wondering since an early age why so much time is spent on making and curating records (of pretty much everything you can think of, both public and private). But I’m learning through living that record-keeping is truly invaluable, because not only does it serve to remind you of facts and thoughts, it [...]

The grieving process

When something dies (or ends), you grieve. You remember times of the past, in the past, with the past. You remember times before the past. That is, you wonder how you lived and felt before what just died was even in your life. You question and replay, rewind and analyze. It’s a consuming process. The [...]

On work and happiness

Quotation from The Art of Serenity Just picked up this book off my Dad’s bookshelf, and came across this passage: Happiness doesn’t mean gratification of all the senses, or constant and frenzied pursuit of excitement. We overvalue leisure time, and some people even try to figure out ways to rest during work hours. They keep [...]

Getting good customer service

From article: If you find toward the beginning of your interaction that the customer service agent is being particularly friendly, polite, or responsive — perhaps before you get to your toughest request — tell the agent that you’re so impressed with his or her service and knowledge so far that you’re going to write a [...]

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