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On police authority

When two uniformed police officers show up at your door and demand to take something, as a law-abiding citizen who has never had any run-ins with the law, what are you supposed to think? That these are police officers and I need to comply, or something like “They would prefer that I complied but if [...]

5/31/11 / Endgame

Mysterious recall As I walked out this morning, I grabbed the thin orange notebook off my kitchen counter that simply reads: 1-subject notebookCOLLEGE RULED | 70 SHEETS10.5 in x 8 in | 26.7 cm x 20.3 cm As I mentioned the cover is orange, and the only other writing on it is in the bottom [...]

5/12/11 / Monotonous

“Don’t patronize me!” Every time I hear the phrase “Don’t patronize me!” or some variant thereof on television shows or in movies, I wonder to myself about a possible dilemma. The proper use of the word “patronize” in this context is pronounced pat-ronize, and not pate-ronize, as most people I’ve heard use it say it. [...]

On racial profiling

Why do so many people complain about being discriminated against in the name of safety? Would they rather save a few minutes – or hell, even several hours – at the potential cost of getting themselves and many other innocent people blown up or injured, and hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars worth [...]

Drill baby drill!

I learned recently, from the first episode of the PBS documentary The Story of India, that the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro were wiped out by climate change – not people fighting, using too much fuel, or doing something else destructive to themselves or the planet, but rather just nature taking its course. [...]

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