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1/24/10 / Finkel

Poem of the day Faith by Robert Kendall Quote of the day These were the streets where we had lived, these the houses, during a period of time when today could not influence tomorrow, and we possessed the confidence to argue about things we did not understand. -”The Walls of Avila”, Lost in Uttar Pradesh, [...]

1/04/10 / Supa

On reading a good long book Coming to the end of a good, long book is akin to saying farewell to a good friend for some time. It’s not just the characters and setting in a good story that capture you; if a story is well-written, well-told, you establish a connection of feelings with it, [...]

12/28/09 / I survived…

I’ve always had a revulsion for women who with cosmetics manage to knock off a whole decade from their fifty years, but shake your hand like a soldier. Who can change the tire on a Polskifiat in five minutes without doing any harm to their Margaret Astor fingernail polish, and who after a pleasant screw [...]

11/30/09 / Envelope

Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop Show OMG! I randomly remembered one of the funniest shows from growing up (sorry, it’s in Hindi)! It’s actually online!! It’s called Flop Show and it’s by Jaspal Bhatti. E-readers If record sales of an expensive electronic reading device are any indication, I take comfort in the fact that reading as an [...]

11/12/09 / Regime de Vivre

I haven’t come across Lord Wilmot, Earl of Rochester‘s poetry before, but it’s quite succinct and flows well: I rise at eleven, I dine about two, I get drunk before seven; and the next thing I do, I send for my whore, when for fear of a clap, I spend in her hand, and I [...]

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