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I know the goddamn secret!

I have figured it out. While sitting at a religious ritual it came to me as something important was being recited. And it’s really no secret but it’s worth mentioning regardless. When religious rites and ceremonies and traditions were being invented, then practiced, then cemented into history to be passed down to posterity in their [...]

Pop the Pope

The Pope is an idiot And all other popes before him were idiots. And anyone who follows him and listens to him is an idiot. And all hard-line Catholics/Hindus/Muslims/Jews/Protestants/Mormons are idiots. Anyone who refuses to change with and adapt to the changing world is an idiot, and should be called as such. But then kudos [...]

3/26/10 / Eisenberg

Kundera on tears in Life is Elsewhere …that was wonderful; that was something that had never before happened to him, a woman crying for love of him; for him tears were the solution into which a man is dissolved when he is discontented with merely being a man and desires to free himself from the [...]


6:13 PM Picture of the day (not mine): 3:25 PM Last night I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous. It was very good, in his signature sarcastic style. Toward the end he said something I really liked, something along the lines of: What society needs in response to the unanswered questions we have as human beings are [...]

1/11/09 / Ganga

8:31 PM It has occurred to me that the people in this world that are most benevolent and most capable of doing evil – either extreme of the karma spectrum – have an important single trait in common: I believe they both lack a fear of death (which I consider to be decidedly debilitating). That [...]

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